Motorized Oil BDV Testers

AT OTS 100 -  Motorized

Product Description

OTS-100 is a microprocessor-based kit designed for testing the breakdown voltage of insulating oils. The kit can be operated in Auto or Manual mode. LCD screen is provided for displaying the test Results & Test Procedures. User interface of the equipment is by a small rotating mouse mounted on the panel of the kit which is useful for the menu selections as well as to vary the input values for the test.The kit is developed according to national standard for testing of Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength. The Test kit is used for testing the Dielectric Strength of insulating oil used for insulation in Power/Distribution Transformers, CT/PTs etc.

Product Features

  • Break Down Voltage Test
  • Proof Test 
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Large LCD display
  • Downloading data to PC
  • Time & Date setting
  • High user safety


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