Rapidox 1100 Oxygen Analyser

The Rapidox 1100 oxygen gas analyser is the company’s most cost effective and versatile range of gas analysers fitted with either a zirconia or electrochemical type gas sensor.

The zirconia oxygen sensor is the most common solution providing fast and accurate gas analysis over the range 1ppm to 100% O2 and is particularly suitable for aggressive industrial applications.

  • Choice of Zirconia or Electrochemical O2sensor technology
  • Fast and accurate response, enhanced by internal pressure correction
  • Simple user calibration procedure (with appropriate calibration gas)
  • Low maintenance and long life sensor expectancy
  • Two fully programmable alarms with open or closed relay outputs
  • Fully programmable digital and analogue outputs
  • Software package includes full control of the analyser, live graphing and Excel compatible data-logging
  • Operates on any worldwide mains voltage (90-260VAC)

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