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Model # LCM III Leakage Current Monitor is a very useful system for on-line condition monitoring of Surge Arresters as per the recommendations of IEC 600995.

  • Surge Arrester Test System



Full range of products for cable fault location on power cables is available from us.
- Surge Wave Generator
- Time-Domain Reflectometer 
- Audio Frequency Generators 

Electrical Testing Equipment

Electrical testing of power systems and equipment is absolutely essential to ensure maximum operational reliability and safety. We are having the right electrical testing devices and supplies in this category like Very Low Frequency Test Sets, AC Hipot Testers and DC Hipot Testers.

- Very Low Frequency Test Sets
- AC Hipot Testers
- DC Hipot Testers

Circuit Breaker Testing

We provide you a broad range of custom-engineered products including SF6 Gas Servicing Equipment, Gas Filtration Systems for SF6 Gas. Systems for measuring and analysing characteristics of SF6 Gas like Dew Point, Purity, SO2, HF and CF4 are also provided. Additionally, systems are available for measuring and analysing operational characteristics of breakers like Circuit Breaker Timer-Pending, Circuit Breaker Analyser-Pending, and Contact Resistance measurements. 

- Circuit Breaker Timer-Pending
- Circuit Breaker Analyser-Pending
- Contact Resistance Meter

Other Meters & Safety Products

Wide range of products for generally required in Power plants & substations are available to offer our clients a single source for full range of products.

·         Insulation Tester

·         Clamp Type Ground Tester

·         Capacitance & Inductance Meter

·         Karl Fischer Test Apparatus

·         Flash Point- Pensky Martin Apparatus

·         Acidity Test Set

·         Interfacial Tension Meter

·         Condensation Point & Pour Point Tester

·         Battery Capacity & Perfomance Analyser

·         Portable Earthing Kit


Our Products and Offerings
Applied Techno Products offers a range of products and services that find application in innumerable industries.

Transformer Testing
Measurement and evolution of the transformer gas for the purpose of condition monitoring is summarized under the term 'transformer diagnosis by gas analysis'. Among the various diagnostic procedures available, the above method is the preferred method for the early detection of faults because it ensures an integral approach to the condition of the core-and-coil assembly.
  • Oil BDV Testers
  • Winding Resistance Meters
  • Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester
SF6 Gas Handling Equipment
A wide range of products to assist in filling, evacuation, filtration and recovery of SF6 gas from circuit breakers & GIS are offered by us. Additionally, we provide state-of-the-art analysing equipment for monitoring the quality of SF6 gas.
  • Portable Infrared SF6 Gas Detector
  • SF6 Gas Filling & Evacuation Equipment
  • SF6 Gas Recycling Device


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