Meter test systems


Instrument for calibration, accuracy testing and adjustment of reference-class and service-class instruments for electrical measurements.

Energomonitor 3.1KM supports calibration, adjustment and accuracy tests of the following service-class and reference instruments:


  • Single / three-phase active and reactive energy meters
  • Single / three-phase wattmeters, varmeters and instrument transducers of active and reactive power
  • Phase angle and frequency meters
  • Voltmeters, ammeters, instrument transducers of AC current and voltage within commercial range of frequencies, instrument transducers of DC current and voltage
  • PQP meters and analyzers
  • Current and voltage instrument transformers

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Power quality analysers and DC meters


Energomonitor 3.3T1

Portable three-phase reference standard meter, comparator and power data logger in one instrument.

As a power data logger: measurement and logging of

  • Electrical power/energy parameters (RMS of current and voltage for both sine and distorted waveforms, phase angles, active, reactive, apparent power, PF etc.)
  • Basic power quality parameters (harmonic measurements, voltage and frequency deviation, unbalance indicators etc.)

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 Power Quality AnalyzerMarsen-PQP


 Marsen-PQP is a power quality recorder and analyzer.


  • Measurement and monitoring of power quality parameters specified in IEC 61000-4-30 and IEC 61000-4-7 standards with further transfer of measurement results to a PC (power quality test reports according to EN 50160)
  • Measurement and monitoring of basic power quality parameters (PQP)
  • Measurement and monitoring of basic electrical network parameters

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Energotester PQP-A



Three-phase Power Quality and Energy Analyzer


  • Designed to measure and log electrical signals and power quality parameters as defined by IEC 61000-4-30 (class A)
  • Measurement and logging of basic electrical energy values in single- and three-phase networks including RMS of currents and voltages (no matter what their waveforms may be - sinusoidal or not), active, reactive and apparent power and energy
  • On-site connectivity and performance check of active/reactive power and energy meters and instrument converters of current, voltage, active and reactive power
  • On-site connectivity and performance check of single and three-phase electric energy meters without breaking into current circuits
  • Measurement of secondary circuit parameters (load power in secondary circuits of instrument transformers and voltage drops) as applied to Automatic Meter Reading and Billing systems
  • Measurement of losses in power transmission lines

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C KWh meter is especially designed for DC energy monitoring in DC electric railway systems or for other transport DC power applications.


  • Basic electric energy input/output values are recorded in the form of profiles (current, voltage, power, energy, traction line voltage) and displayed as tables or graphs
  • Selectable averaging interval (1 s to 30 min)
  • Logging capacity of input/output values:
  • 1 day (min) – at 1 s interval
  • 3 years (min) – at 30 min interval
  • Accepts signals from two different current sensors via its two galvanically isolated (with an external isolating transformer) current measurement channels: e.g. from locomotive motor and on-board apparatus, or from on-board lighting and auxiliaries
  • Energy values are recorded for both directions
  • Displaying cumulative values for energy of different types

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 Reference instruments for digital substations


Energomonitor 61850

Reference instrument of new generation meant for testing of non-conventional (electronic and digital) current and voltage instrument transformers ...
Key components 

  • 4 multi-range input current converters (0.01…100A)
  • 4 multi-range input voltage converters (0.01...800V)
  • 8-channel ADC
  • Control unit based on a built-in single-board computer and Wi-Fi access point
  • Synchronization unit (PPS/PTP/10 MHz/20 MHz)
  • Power Supply Unit
  • External PC or tablet (Microsoft Windows or Android)

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Test Set for testing of electronic voltage and current transformers

KSP-61850 is meant for testing and calibration of electronic transformers designed in conformity with IEC 60044-7-2010 and IEC 60044-8-2010 standards. The purpose of KSP-61850 is to convert (considering scaling factors), measure and compare signals (including IEC 61850-9-2LE signals) from analogue or digital outputs of electronic current (up to 5 kA) and voltage (up to 220, 330 kV) transformers

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Optical instrument voltage transducers KRISMARS-VT 

 Power Industry policies of the Russian Federation have given a top priority for the development of Smart Grid concept. In particular, research and design of non-conventional instrument current and voltage transformers for networks 35 to 110 kV is the task of major importance. 

  • The crystal selected as an optical cell material provides high temperature stability of the electro-gyration constant and exhibits no piezoelectric effect, which gives the possibility to create a voltage sensor operating in wide temperature and frequency ranges
  • High measurement accuracy owing to Faraday effect compensation
  • The transducer can also be used for current measurements – the only thing to do is to replace the voltage (electro-gyration) optical cell with the current (Faraday) one

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Optical instrument current transducers KRISMARS-CT


Power Industry policies of the Russian Federation have given a top priority for the development of Smart Grid concept. In particular, research and design of non-conventional instrument current and voltage transformers for networks 35 to 110 kV is the task of major importance.

 Primary current and voltage sensors of optical type are acknowledged as having the best market potential. KRISMARS-CT

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MarsTest-61850: our mobile multifunctional reference setup generates and measures electrical signals in a substation. Unlike typical reference setups, MarsTest-61850 supports calibration of both conventional and 61850-9-2LE-compliant equipment.

Components of the system: 

  • Energomonitor-61850 is a high-accuracy reference meter and comparator;
  • Energoforma-61850 is a test signal/phantom power source that generates analogue test signals seamlessly adjustable in level and power;
  • MarsGen-61850 is a calibrator of 61850-9-2LE data streams that generates digital test signals seamlessly adjustable in level and power;
  • Laptop based remote control terminal with Energomonitor-61850ext and Energoforma-61850 software installed that controls the whole system and is responsible for displaying, processing and storing measurement results;
  • External time server MKV-03C provides synchronization with UTC.

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 Instrument Transformer Test Sets



High-voltage metrological mobile lab (HML) rated at 6 - 330 kV


  • Testing of instrument voltage transformers (VTs) rated from 6 to 330 kV
  • Testing of instrument current transformers (CTs) up to 5 kA or up to 30 kA
  • Testing of electric energy meters
  • Testing of channels within automatic metering and billing systems
  • CT and VT burden measurements
  • Determining voltage drops in secondary circuits of VTs
  • Determining basic power quality parameters (PQP), as defined by IEC 61000-4-30

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High-Voltage Single-Phase Test Set for Voltage Transformers up to 330 kV


  • Performance and accuracy testing of single-phase grounded or non-grounded instrument voltage transformers of 0.2 accuracy class (or less accurate) with 50-Hz frequency rated from 6 to 220/√3 kV. The Test Set is suitable for primary (post-manufacture) or regular testing of transformers in load points defined by the standard or under an actual load on the secondary side of the VT under test
  • Measurement of load power
  • Measurement of power quality parameters as defined by IEC 61000-4-30

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High-Voltage Three-Phase Test Set for Voltage Transformers up to 10kV (up to 35kV)



  • Components are compact and light-weight (can be carried from the vehicle to the location of transformers under test by two persons)
  • Suitable for testing either single-phase or 3-phase VTs; Phase-to-phase voltages of 3-phase VTs can be tested using differential connection scheme which includes two reference units (CHVTs)
  • Control of test signal quality - using the comparator, it is possible to view the wave shape, THD and harmonics of the applied test signal

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 Scope of delivery

  • IT5000 – Adjustable current source
  • TTIP – Reference current transformer
  • Burden box
  • Energomonitor 3.3T1-C

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On-site testing of generator bus-type current transformers rated at 10...50kA according to the commonly applied test procedure hardly appears to be practicable or reasonable. The problem is connected with transportation of test equipment in view of its large size and weight.


The problem was solved by the specialists from D.I. Mendeleyev Scientific and Research Institute for Metrology (VNIIM) in cooperation with NIIVA research institute by developing the ingenious experimental-computational method (MI 3123-2008).

 Scope of supply

  • CT Test set 5 kA
  • Voltage-Current Curve Converter with “Delta-TT” software

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Portable Current Transformers of instrument class


 TTIP series includes Class 0.05 instrument current transformers (CT). These portable devices are meant for electric measurements in 50Hz AC circuits with nominal voltages up to (and including) 0.66 kV. When used for CT testing, the TTIP series can support test procedures applied (in-lab or on-site) to Class 0.2S or less accurate transformers

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Capacitive High-Voltage Transducers




The purpose of a high-voltage capacitive transducer is to measure high voltage applied to its high-voltage input by converting it into low voltage values with a standard-compliant scaling factor.

 Field of application

 A source of reference voltage in transformer test systems (suitable for testing instrument voltage transformers rated from 6 to 330 kV, 0.2 accuracy class or less accurate)

Voltage measurements on the high-voltage side

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 Instrument-class High-voltage Capacitors

IHC-10, IHC-35, IHC-110, IHC-220, IHC-330


 Designed to fit various measurement equipment, such as voltage dividers, testers of high-voltage insulation (that can determine capacitance and loss tangent) and to calibrate VT test systems.


  • Power industry applications include high-voltage labs, industrial plants and power substations as well as metrology service and certification purposes.
  • Application notes.
  • Electrical testing of various products meant for industrial applications (e.g. HV insulation tests including transformer oil)
  • Providing traceability of measurements (calibration of instrument capacitors, voltage transformers and voltage dividers of 0.2 – 0.5 accuracy classes or less accurate)

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 AC/DC Peak voltmeter VA 3.1

VA 3.1 is meant for measurements of amplitude and peak values, as applied to voltage signals within 0…500 Hz frequency range, across its three channels including the differential channel.



VA 3.1 is meant for:

  • Measurements of amplitude and peak values, as applied to voltage signals within 0…500 Hz frequency range, across its three channels including the differential channel (including peak DC voltage values)
  • Accuracy testing and calibration of peak voltmeters of 0.2 accuracy class, or less accurate
  • Accuracy testing and calibration of instrument voltage transformers rated up to 1000V using method of 2 voltmeters (across 2 voltage channels)

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Adjustable Current Source up to 6 kA




IT5000 is an adjustable current source designed to generate AC current (within 0…6000 A range) to be passed through primary windings of the reference CT and CT under test.

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