Oil Dielectric & Resistivity Test Set

  • Oil cup uses three electrode type structures which consistent with the GB/T5654-2007 standard,pole spacing 2mm can eliminate stray capacitance and leaking of the influence on the dielectric loss to test. 
  • The instrument adopts intermediate frequency induction heating, PID temperature control algorithm. This heating mode with heating oil cup and the body non contact, even heating, fast speed, convenient control advantages, so that the temperature in the preset temperature error range within the strict control. 
  • The internal standard capacitor is SF6 inflatable three electrode capacitor, the capacitance of the dielectric loss and capacitance is not affected by the environment temperature, humidity and so on, so that the precision of the instrument can still be guaranteed after long time use. 

  • AC test power supply using AC-DC-AC conversion, and effectively avoid the city electric voltage and  frequency  fluctuations  affect  the  accuracy of dielectric loss test, even if the generator to produce electricity, the instrument is also able to run correctly.

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