Power quality analysers and DC meters


Energomonitor 3.3T1

Portable three-phase reference standard meter, comparator and power data logger in one instrument.

As a power data logger: measurement and logging of

  • Electrical power/energy parameters (RMS of current and voltage for both sine and distorted waveforms, phase angles, active, reactive, apparent power, PF etc.)
  • Basic power quality parameters (harmonic measurements, voltage and frequency deviation, unbalance indicators etc.)

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 Power Quality AnalyzerMarsen-PQP


 Marsen-PQP is a power quality recorder and analyzer.


  • Measurement and monitoring of power quality parameters specified in IEC 61000-4-30 and IEC 61000-4-7 standards with further transfer of measurement results to a PC (power quality test reports according to EN 50160)
  • Measurement and monitoring of basic power quality parameters (PQP)
  • Measurement and monitoring of basic electrical network parameters

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Energotester PQP-A



Three-phase Power Quality and Energy Analyzer


  • Designed to measure and log electrical signals and power quality parameters as defined by IEC 61000-4-30 (class A)
  • Measurement and logging of basic electrical energy values in single- and three-phase networks including RMS of currents and voltages (no matter what their waveforms may be - sinusoidal or not), active, reactive and apparent power and energy
  • On-site connectivity and performance check of active/reactive power and energy meters and instrument converters of current, voltage, active and reactive power
  • On-site connectivity and performance check of single and three-phase electric energy meters without breaking into current circuits
  • Measurement of secondary circuit parameters (load power in secondary circuits of instrument transformers and voltage drops) as applied to Automatic Meter Reading and Billing systems
  • Measurement of losses in power transmission lines

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C KWh meter is especially designed for DC energy monitoring in DC electric railway systems or for other transport DC power applications.


  • Basic electric energy input/output values are recorded in the form of profiles (current, voltage, power, energy, traction line voltage) and displayed as tables or graphs
  • Selectable averaging interval (1 s to 30 min)
  • Logging capacity of input/output values:
  • 1 day (min) – at 1 s interval
  • 3 years (min) – at 30 min interval
  • Accepts signals from two different current sensors via its two galvanically isolated (with an external isolating transformer) current measurement channels: e.g. from locomotive motor and on-board apparatus, or from on-board lighting and auxiliaries
  • Energy values are recorded for both directions
  • Displaying cumulative values for energy of different types

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