Transformer Monitoring and Testing Systems

Buchholz Relay Tester        ATBGT 3

The Buchholz gas tester serves to measure the fault gas content of the Buchholz relay. Measurement can be performed directly at the sampling site, e.g. in the transformer substation or in a testing laboratory. The Buchholz gas tester allows quick fault analysis on site, hence facilitating the decision-making process with regard to the elimination of faults…… Click Here for Catalog

Online DGA Monitor           ATH2M

The Hydran M2 offers transformer mathematical models based on IEEE standards and correlated with field experience. They use inputs from the available sensors and transform the received data into useful real time information to further understand the overall health of the transformer…… Click Here for Catalog

Online DGA Monitor - Advanced ATTGM

Multi-gas DGA has traditionally been confined to infrequent off-line laboratory analysis, forming part of time based maintenance strategies. Globally the average age of transformers continues to increase, whilst in comparison to historical experience a larger percentage of new transformers encounter faults in their early years of operation. This means the possibilities of rapid aging, unplanned outages and even catastrophic failure between off-line tests also increase, leading many asset owners to adopt on-line DGA monitoring equipment more suited to condition based / predictive maintenance strategies…… Click Here for Catalog

Portable DGA           ATDGA

Portable DGA : Compact, portable, rugged and user-friendly, Uses state of art infrared measurement technology, Wide detection range with excellent accuracy for all seven fault gases, No calibration or carrier gases required, Ability to test gas samples taken from Buchholz Relays, Moisture analysis & PC software…… Click Here for Catalog

Fully Automatic OIL BDV  ATODT-100P

ATODT-100P is fully automatic microprocessor based unit and it can operate in Manual as well as Automatic mode. LCD screen can display Test Results and Test Procedures. User interface of the equipment is controlled by a small rotating knob mounted on the front panel of the kit which is useful for the menu selections as well as to vary the input values for the test. For high accuracy tests the equipment is supplied with pre-programmed test sequences as per various international standards. The Kit is developed according to national standard IS 6792 for testing of Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength used for insulation in Power/Distribution Transformers, CT/PTs etc …… Click Here for Catalog

Semi-Automatic OIL BDV  ATOTS-100

In all H.T. Transformers and Circuit Breakers etc. transformer oil or other insulant is a very important ingredient. The liquid insulant used should have a very high dielectric strength. To test the dielectric strength of the insulant, a very high voltage is passed through it. The failure of the dielectric strength of insulant is shown by a spark across two electrodes. This Oil BDV Test Set is a complete apparatus to carry out this test and is manufactured in various voltage ranges and models, as per IS: 6792/1992 and IEC-156…… Click Here for Catalog

Winding Resistance Meter           ATWRM-XXP

ATWRM-XXP is a portable transformer winding resistance meter which is designed for easy operation. In cases, when the transformer is cross-connected or overhauled, direct current resistance testing of the transformer winding is a must. In general, to measure the transformer winding or large power output inductor equipment, the traditional electrical bridge method and pressure drop method require much time and energy. Thus, to shorten the measurement time and reducing the workload of tester, the rapid direct current resistance tester is designed with new power supply technology, stable performance, fast measurement, compactness, and high accuracy and good data reproducibility. It is an ideal piece of equipment for measuring transformer windings and large power output inductor equipment…… Click Here for Catalog

Turns Ratio Tester             ATTRM-901P

ATTRM-901P is applied to measure the voltage ratio of three phases or single phase transformer. All the data and test results are showed on a 320*240 LCD. All the test results could be printed by the micro printer or saved on the storage of the tester. The tester has good performance, auto protection and anti-disturbance features. The equipment excites the High Voltage winding of the test transformer and measures the output of low voltage winding in ratio metric circuit and display the result on LCD indicator. It is a microprocessor based automatic ratio meter…… Click Here for Catalog

CT/PT Analyzer       ATCTPT-405

Our CT/PT analyzer allows testing of Current and Potential transformers with ease and precision. Provided with onboard LCD with simple touch and loaded with user friendly operating system…… Click Here for Catalog


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