Meter & Substation Testing

Portable Reference Meter Energomonitor AT3.3T1-C

Portable meter of reference-class Supports calibration of: electric energy meters of 0.5S accuracy class; class 0.5 or less accurate measuring instruments; class 0.2 or less accurate instrument transformers of voltage or current; peak voltmeters. Additional measurements include three-phase unsymmetry, power factor and frequency parameters. …… Click Here for Catalog 

Mobile Test System for electric energy meters ATMTS ME 3.3

Mobile Test System for electric energy meters The MTS ME 3.3 is meant for testing service class or reference-class measuring instruments commercially used in the power industry. On-site or in-lab tests of instruments (including electric energy meters) can be conducted in automated mode. …… Click Here for Catalog


HV Mobile Testing & Calibration Lab ATHML

High-voltage Mobile Lab operating within the ranges of 6 to 330kV; 5kA; 30kA Applicable to tests of instrument transformers (VTs rated 6 to 330kV or CTs rated 5kA or 30kA), as well as comprehensive tests of metering stations. HMLs for the range of 330 to 750kV can be supplied to order. …… Click Here for Catalog 


HV Single / Three phase Calibration System for CT/PT/CVT ATHSCS-1 / ATHTCS-3-10 / ATHTCS-3-35

High-voltage Single-phase Calibration Set Introduced for: on-site test/adjustment of Class 0.2 (or less accurate) single-phase instrument voltage transformers (VTs); measurements of VT load power; measurements of basic power quality parameters.

High-voltage Three-phase Calibration Sets Provides for test/adjustment of Class 0.2 (or less accurate) single-phase and three-phase instrument voltage transformers (VTs). …… Click Here for Catalog 


Digital Substation Solutions Energomonitor AT61850

Energomonitor 61850 Reference instrument for calibration of electronic current/voltage analogue and digital instrument transformers and Merging Units…… Click Here for Catalog


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