HV AC Hipot Tester ATAC Series

Our Oil filled Testing Transformers are popular high voltage testing equipment in India which are widely used as AC Hipots. The series of AC high voltage Testing transformers are compact, light weight construction and have built-in protection for versatile applications. These are widely used for Hipot Testing of electrical components and insulation materials of electrical systems like cables, motors, transformers, bushings etc…… Click Here for Catalog

DC Hipot Tester ATDC Series

The Series AT - DC high voltage are compact, light weight in construction and have built-in protection for versatile applications. These are widely used for Hipot Testing of electrical components and insulation materials of electrical systems, cable breakdown testing, surge arresters, capacitor charging, and other laboratory applications etc…… Click Here for Catalog

AC/DC Hipot Tester ATDT Series

Transformer Unit: The ATDT Series Test Transformers are small, lightweight, compact with complete protection and versatility, these are suitable for Testing of a variety of high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, insulation materials of electrical system's Insulation strength test under power frequency or DC high voltage.…… Click Here for Catalog

Digital Kilovoltmeter ATKVM

This series products are general purpose HV measuring instruments apply in Power System, Electronic Equipment Factory to test frequency, AC high voltage and DC high voltage. This product is composed of HV measuring part and LV display instrument. HV part and LV display instrument are separate when working. It is safe, reliable and portable as the complete appliance uses aluminium packing chest as cabinet. …… Click Here for Catalog

Primary Injection Test Kit ATPIK Series

Self-contained fully integrated unit comprising MCB, Variac,Isolated wound Secondary Injection Transformer, Dual ratio C.T., and Ammeter. Input with 3 pin metal clad plug and socket. Copper Busbar output. Push button operated contactor with optional timer Powder coated ms enclosure with front panel protection by a lockable cover. Transportable on castor wheels…… Click Here for Catalog

Secondary Injection Test Kit ATPRT-100

Secondary Injection Test Kit  Undistorted Sine wave Injection Current, Performance comparable to Alstom's CFB Test kit, Simultaneous availability of AC Injection Current and auxiliary AC/DC outputs, Digital Panel meters for Volt / Amp / Timer, Suitable for both NO / NC trip contacts of Relays under test, Input overload protection with MCB for Current Injection and 0.5A glass fuse for Auxiliary AC/DC outputs, Powder coated ms enclosure, portable with lifting handles and front panel protection with a lockable hinged cover. …… Click Here for Catalog

Digital Insulation Tester ATDIT-Series

Insulation resistance measurements: selectable measurement voltage 500, 1000 V or 2500V, continuous indication of measured insulation resistance or leakage current value, automatic discharge of measured object capacitive voltage after the completion of insulation resistance measurement, acoustic signaling of 5 seconds time intervals to facilitate capturing time characteristics, metered T , T and T test times for measuring two absorption coefficients for 15, 60 and 600 sec., 1 2 3 indication of actual test voltage during measurement, protection against measuring live objects. …… Click Here for Catalog

Earth Tester ATERT 20

The earth ground tester AT-ERT 20 is a rugged instrument with a sealed housing that allows for quick and easy determination of soil resistivity. This means that the earth ground tester is suitable for the outdoor professional. In addition, the unit has all the necessary safety features according to VDE 0413. The earth ground tester is particularly suitable for the measurement of individual grounding electrodes (lightning rods) and smaller grounding systems and for measuring the lead resistance and the continuity of conductors and coupling or components. The test frequency of 820 Hz prevents the influence of stray currents through line frequencies and their harmonics. …… Click Here for Catalog

HV Discharge / Earthing Rod ATDR-XXX / ATER-XXX

Highly insulated FRP Earthing Rod, Manufactured in fully Automatic Pultrusion Plant having strong Electrical & Mechanical Strength with the following main specifications. …… Click Here for Catalog

EHV / HV / MV Detector ATTAG-330

EHV / HV / MV Detector  Standard : IEC 61243-1, Use : Device designed to test for the absence of voltage on HV systems up to 765 kV. Its use is particularly recommended for voltages over 400 kV. …… Click Here for Catalog

Power Quality Analyzers ATPQP-A Energotester

PQP-A Energotester Instrument for electric and PQ (class A) measurements Purpose Designed to measure and log power quality parameters as defined by IEC 61000-4-30 (class A) …… Click Here for Catalog

Phase Sequence Indicators ATPSI

A rotating disc type instrument, which rotates in clockwise direction when correctly connected to incoming three phase power supply. Black arrow on white disk indicates correct phase sequence. If rotation is anti-clockwise then it indicates that one of the phases is reversed. It is suitable for use only in horizontal position and should not be left in circuit. Three, 1metre long red, yellow, blue colour leads with clips and sheaths are provided. …… Click Here for Catalog

Radio Phase Tester ATRPT-132

Phase Angle, Frequency, Voltage waveform, Operates on Rechargeable Battery, Patented product, Simple maintenance, Acquisition of signal with high sensitivity, High-frequency transmission, adaptable and can pass through diaphragm and wall, Transmission distance of wireless on air is 20m, Operates Easily, Secure and Reliable, Verified operation in electrified workplace.…… Click Here for Catalog

Kelvin Bridge ATDKB-01

Kelvin Bridge: Null measuring method, Built in standard resistors, One multiplier and two measuring dials, Wide measuring range 0.0001? to 11?, Built in galvanometer & bridge power source, Guarding & shielding with a portable metal case…… Click Here for Catalog

Wheatstone Bridge ATDWB-01

Wheatstone Bridge : Null measuring method, One multiplier and two measuring dials, Wide measuring range 1? to 10M?, Built in galvanometer & bridge power source, Guarding & shielding with a portable metal case…… Click Here for Catalog

Capacitance Boxes & Decades ATBXC & ATDBC-Series

Capacitance Boxes & Decades : Economical, Plastic cabinet for better insulation, High accuracy of 5% for ATBXC & 2% for ATDBC-Series, High performance high capacitance decade for all laboratory…… Click Here for Catalog

Resistance Boxes & Decades ATBXR & ATDBR-Series

Resistance Boxes & Decades : Economical, High accuracy to 1%, Plastic cabinet for better insulation, High performance high resistance decade for all laboratory…… Click Here for Catalog

Rheostats ATBXS Series

Rheostats : Good linearity, Sliding contact of coppers graphite, Enclose in robust sheet metal cover, 100 scale division to show the resistance setting…… Click Here for Catalog


Dimmerstat is the most effective device for stepless, breakless & continuous control of AC voltage & therefore for various parameters, dependent on AC voltage. 
The basic dimmerstat is meant for operation from a nominal input voltage of 240V AC & can give output voltage anywhere between 0 to 240V or 0 TO 270V AC. By simple transformer action. Three such dimmerstat connected electrically in star and mechanically in tandem, become suitable for operation from a nominal input voltage of 415V 3Ph AC and can give output anywhere between 0 to 415V or 0 to 470V. …… Click Here for Catalog


The shunts are designed to comply with the requirements of  IS1248 / DIN43703 & DIN43780. The shunt provides an accurate D.C. millivolt signal, exactly proportional to the measuring current. …… Click Here for Catalog

IR & Thermovision Cameras ATKC Series

ATKC Series is an economic infrared thermal imager with touch screen of high resolution and brightness. It is equipped with unique right to left hand switch operation design, humanized HMI (Human Machine Interface), comprehensive professional function of IR analysis and fast infrared video recording function. …… Click Here for Catalog


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