Cable Fault Location

DC-Test Devices ATPGT-Series

The PGT 25-D1.5 is a cable testing device for VDE-compliant DC voltage testing of cables and cable systems (for testing the cable insulation of a newly laid cable before commissioning, in compliance with VDE 0276-620/621). Thanks to its compact dimensions and less weight, this device is portable and can be used directly on site. The readable values of output voltage and leakage current make it possible to evaluate the state of the test object as regards voltage stability and insulation capacity. …… Click Here for Catalog


VLF Test Generators ATPGT-VSeries

The 20 kV PGT 20-V3.6 type and 36 kV PGT 36-V2 type versions of the portable VLF test set enable testing of medium voltage cables with extruded insulation (VPE, PE, EPR insulation) and with a nominal voltage of up to 6.3/11 kV and 12/20 kV respectively. The low-load VLF method uses a low-frequency alternating voltage of 0.1 Hz and a maximum of 20 or 36 kV for testing. …… Click Here for Catalog


Surge Generators ATPS-Series

The PS 3 - PS 4 surge generator is used for the cable fault location in low and medium voltage networks with low nominal voltage. It generates high energy surge waves up to a voltage of  3 kV with 450 J or 4 kV with 500 J. The surge rate can be controlled electronically. A single shot mode is also provided. The prelocation method based on ART (Arc Reflection Technique)is integrated in the versions PS 3-A450 and PS 4-A500 for the prelocation of high impedance cable faults.

The surge generator is available in different versions…… Click Here for Catalog


Time Domain Reflectometers ATInterflex-Series

The InterFlex 130 can be used for fault location in power and control cables as well as overhead lines. The integrated Arc Reflection Technique (ART) can be used in combination with a surge generator or a burn down device for the location of high impedance cable faults. Thanks to a screen with a clearly structural design, the InterFlex 130 displays the digitally recorded measured values in a clearly legible format, and automates a significant part of the measurement work. The settings and measurement results are permanently displayed. …… Click Here for Catalog


Burn Down Devices ATBG 15-D25

The BG 15-D25 burn unit is a powerful, portable, high voltage device that is primarily used for cable fault location in low and medium voltage networks as well as in control cables. The high output power and short-circuit protection of the device enables the conversion of high impedance and intermittent cable faults into low impedance shunts up to dead short circuits without any problem. Additionally, it can be used in combination with appropriate connecting devices and time domain reflectometers for pre-location using the Arc Reflection Technique (ART). …… Click Here for Catalog


Cable Sheath Test Sets ATIST

The InterSheath cable sheath test set was developed for testing and locating the faults in the cable sheaths of the shielded, plastic-insulated power cables. This set can also be used for locating the earth fault in unshielded, plastic-insulated power cables, control and communication cables. …… Click Here for Catalog


Locating Devices ATKamphone

The acoustic pinpointing fault location system Kamphone is a ground sound microphone and is used for pinpointing of flashover faults in power cables. It consists of a receiver, a sensor and headphones. Three search methods are available: acoustic pinpoin-ting, coincidence and relative distance measurement. The display of the receiver can be used to call different information. The innovative digital signal processing and a simple, well-designed operating concept enables a quick and precise fault location. …… Click Here for Catalog


Cable Selection Sets ATInterSelect

The InterSelect cable selection set is used for positive selection of single cable or line from a bundle of cables. For positive selection, unipolar current impulses are sent into the line under test. The receiver and the clip-on instrument are used for measuring the intensity and the polarity of these current impulses. All other cables have a weaker signal with an inverted polarity. Due to the use of the cable selection set wrong cable cuts will be avoided. The InterSelect impulse generator S11 is used for nonlive power, signal and low voltage cables. The InterSelect G100 generator is used for live low voltage cables. …… Click Here for Catalog


Fault Location Systems ATFOS-Series

The portable fault location systems of the InterCable FOS P-Line series have been developed for all cable measuring tasks in low and medium voltage networks. Individual variants of the Inter- Cable FOS P-Line series have been selected in cooperation with the users and their requirements related to practice. The proven prelocation method based on ART (Arc Reflection Technique) surging has been integrated for the prelocation of high impedance cable faults.…… Click Here for Catalog


Cable Test Vans ATFOF-Series

The fault location systems InterCable FOS M are integrated in the cable test vans FOF M Line and had been developed especially for cable testing and fault location in low and medium voltage networks. The compact design permits an installation in small cars for field applications. …… Click Here for Catalog


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